Today I’m speaking with Dr. Bradley Bush. He is a naturopathic physician practicing in Minnesota with a focus on adrenal health, sleep and Lyme disease. Today we had the opportunity to talk about these factors in a really particular context. We talked about optimal neuro-endocrine balance for entrepreneurs and the reason that the digestive system is the root of everything to do with a person’s health. We also looked at some of the top reasons why so many busy doers and go-getters have a tough time getting adequate high quality sleep. Until my personal coughing fit interrupted the discussion, we were also dipping into the epidemic of Lyme disease. This episode is jam-packed, it is speaking specifically to entrepreneurs and go-getters, and you’re going to get a lot out of it.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:50] Inflammation can be the cause of depression.

[4:25] Some people will be more susceptible to problems based on predisposition.

[7:07] How did Dr. Bush decide to become an ND?

[9:10] Adrenal fatigue is a wearing down of the functionality of the adrenal gland.

[11:43] Could you have adrenal fatigue?

[16:40] What is the best test to assess adrenal health?

[18:59] Gut health is crucial to adrenal function.

[21:58] If you find relief using an antidepressant, that can be a key clue to how you can feel better naturally.

[24:43] How can you protect yourself from developing adrenal fatigue?

[28:34] Poor sleep is an epidemic.

[30:46] Sleep issues are often deep rooted and require some detective work to address.

[32:37] Don’t use your screen devices at night.

[34:03] Honor your body’s needs.

[35:13] What is Lyme disease and why is it such a big issue?

[38:41] Health is the ability to accomplish everything that you want.

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[40:08] What is Dr. Bush’s morning routine?

[40:56] Dr. Bush blends coconut cream into his coffee.

[41:16] Dr. Bush enjoys running, swimming and gardening.

[41:22] Entrepreneurism can be inherent or learned.

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“Ten percent of depression is caused by inflammation.”


“We should treat root causes and not just sweep problems under the rug for later.”


“Your doctor says you’re fine, but fine is a really low standard.”


“It’s so important to link the gut and brain together.”


“Eighty percent of your body’s immune system is found in the intestines.”


“Using antidepressants is like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.”


“We have undervalued recovery as an important ingredient in optimal performance.”


“If you don’t respect your body’s needs, you will have a problem.”

More About Dr. Bradley Bush

Bradley Bush, ND received his naturopathic doctor degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine and is currently co-owner and Clinic Director of Natural Medicine of Stillwater in beautiful Stillwater, MN. He also founded of the lab testing and direct to consumer company called Neurovanna. Dr Bush’s practice focus is fatigue, insomnia, mood disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and Lyme disease. Dr. Bush has over 16-years of industry business experience and is owner of Natural Health Insights, LLC providing consultant services to the natural products and laboratory testing industry. Dr. Bush speaks nationally and regularly publishes on the topics of neuropsychoimmunology, brain-gut connections, neuroendocrinology, mood disorders, insomnia and Lyme disease. Dr. Bush is was co-chairman of 2016 AANP annual curriculum committee and is chairman of the first ever Lyme disease conference this Fall of 2017. Dr. Bush sits on advisory boards at the NeuroScience company, Functional Medicine University and Results RNA. Dr. Bush lives in Stillwater, MN with his naturopathic doctor wife and four daughters. He enjoys cooking, biking with his children, swimming, and running.

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