A marriage and family counselor gives relationship advice to entrepreneurs and their partners.

Today we talk to Dr. Andrew Blackwood, a psychotherapist focused on family and marriage counseling. We went deep in understanding how to maintain the fine balance between building your business or career as well as thriving relationships. With a particular interest understanding the role of your family of origin, Andrew and I also explored the impact of your childhood and birth order on your professional aspirations. Get ready for “key insight.”

Key Takeaways: 

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[2:19] Dr. Blackwood’s parents divorced when he was 13, but that wasn’t the main thing that led him to marriage and family counseling.

[4:46] The incidence of mental health challenges is particularly high in entrepreneurs, and that is often linked to family relationships.

[6:07] To what extent does our family of origin determine our destiny?

[6:58] Awareness is so important to our success in family relationships.

[9:08] What is the difference between worry and concern?

[10:13] Is parent/child conflict a natural part of individuation?

[13:23] Family dynamics influence, but do not dictate, identity.

[17:40] There are specific characteristics that help entrepreneurs forge their own path.

[19:21] Should we all be in therapy?

[21:32] The partners of entrepreneurs have a lot of added stressors. It is helpful, but not always possible, for them to know what they are signing up for.

[25:04] Making a genuine apology is an art.

[31:29] Health is intrinsically connected to growth.

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[32:51] Dr. Blackwood’s morning routine includes exercise and devotional time.

[33:41] Dr. Blackwood enjoys reading non-fiction and just finished reading Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover.

[33:54] Dr. Blackwood doesn’t usually drink hot drinks, but he has a couple favorites for special occasions.

[34:15] Dr. Blackwood likes hanging out with his friends and family, and dancing.

[34:26] Entrepreneurism must be learned at some point, even if entrepreneurial tendencies are innate to a person.

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The Total Money Makeover: The Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, by David Ramsey




“How do you balance this all-or-nothing state, that is entrepreneurism, with having a healthy relationship?”


“There is a big difference between worry and concern.”


“Conflict can be healthy.”


“Conflict doesn’t have to be hurtful or disrespectful.”


“[An apology] can be really harmful if you don’t do it well.”


More About Dr. Andrew Blackwood 

Andrew L. Blackwood is a Registered Psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario. Soon after earning a Master’s of Divinity in Counselling from Tyndale University College & Seminary in 2005 he began working with individuals, couples and families across the GTA. In 2007 he continued his formal education and earned a Doctorate of Ministry to Marriage and Family in 2010 from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University in Philadelphia, PA.

Andrew currently meets with clients as a Coach/Counsellor at DK Leadership in Toronto. His experience as a Clinician in the areas of substance use and children’s mental health enables him to serve a diverse population. His experience in the field also includes case management, facilitating community discussions and workshops, as well as consulting as a media personality. Andrew is a regular guest on 100 Huntley Street and has contributed to radio shows and magazines such as Today’s Parent and hosts his own blog from his website, www.coachdrew.ca.

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