Balancing family, business and healthy living the FitMama way.

Today we talk with Jen Oliver, founder of, the platform through which she educates, inspires, and transforms busy moms into loving, fit mamas by restoring their core, igniting their passion, and designing their ideal reality. Jen has made it her mission to passionately teach women to love their bodies and take loving control of their lives. Fueled by her genuine zest for life and adventure, our conversation naturally touched on mindfulness, bedtime routines (for entrepreneurs, not kids), as well as the logistics of packing up your life, and traveling around the world with a two-year-old and four-year-old in tow. This episode could truly be a rule book for living the good life.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:01] Jen and Dr. Meghan played basketball together in high school.

[2:32] Jen realized when she was very young that she enjoyed making people feel better about themselves.

[4:50] A personal training job was crucial to Jen’s understanding of what she really wanted in a career.

[6:01] How did becoming a mother affect Jen’s career path?

[10:12] How she went from fitness model to role model.

[11:00] Often, it is people’s perception of their own bodies that holds them back from reaching their goals.

[12:30] Some people feel like their body has betrayed them, and mindfulness can help to heal that feeling.

[14:51] We need to take Getting Out of Our Head 101.

[17:36] How does Jen define success?

[21:39] If you aren’t tuning into your own needs, you are going to let people down.

[22:14] Even after Jen graduated with a master’s degree, she had the strong feeling that her dream job had not been created yet.

[24:25] Jen feels honored and grateful every time she is called “Mom.” She loves being an entrepreneur, too.

[26:42] Jen created true freedom, and used it to travel around the world.

[30:08] Live your values.

[34:08] What can each of us do, starting today, to make the world a better place?

[36:56] Take this month’s quiz about stress and adrenal fatigue.

[37:21] Jen schedules out five o’clock to seven o’clock every morning, for her morning routine.

[41:42] What are Jen’s favorite travel snacks?

[43:23] Jen loves dandelion tea.

[44:02] What does Jen do for fun?

[44:46] Entrepreneurship can be learned.

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“When you love the body you have, you have the body you love.”

“It wasn’t ever about appearance for me.”

“I grew a human inside my body. That was the most miraculous thing that ever could’ve happened.”

“Discipline paves the road to freedom.”

More About Jen Oliver

Jen is the founder and CEO of FitMama. Jen learned early on that being a FitMama all starts with LOVE and created a movement of empowering women to love their bodies and love their lives.

Jen is a certified Bellies Inc. trainer and specializes in the pre- and post-natal journey of building a solid foundation in the body by pre-habbing and re-habbing the core.

Jen has completed a Master’s degree in Exercise and Healthy Psychology at McMaster University and co-founded LivferU Personal Management Consulting in 2008. She continues to train and coach individuals to achieve their goals and has been a sought-after speaker throughout Canada.

Jen participated in a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat and is a trained practitioner in the healing art of Reiki. Helping others with self awareness, self love, self acceptance and personal development is a central focus for Jen. She created the popular podcast Kaizen with Jen, which features insights based on research and experience offering listeners food for thought and action items for continuous self-improvement in any domain.

Jen’s athleticism and love for sports led her to pursue her undergraduate education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario while playing five years of varsity basketball. After Graduating with two Bachelors degrees, one in Honours Psychology and one in Physical and Health Education, Jen went on to work in the field of health and fitness. Her industry career included personal training, fitness instruction, nutrition coaching, fitness competing, educating others through health, nutrition and wellness seminars and fitness club management.

Jen believes nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal health and without the proper nutrients to create healthy brain chemistry, it is impossible to be your best for yourself or those around you. Healthy relationships begin with healthy minds and bodies, and as a holistic nutritionist, Jen takes a mind-body approach to ensure that nutrition and mindfulness form the basis of her coaching practice. Jen is the mother of two young daughters and lives with her husband Chris in Ontario, Canada.

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