Dr. Marc Bubbs explains the performance benefits of a paleo diet and an ancestral lifestyle.

Dr. Marc Bubbs is a board certified naturopathic doctor, author, speaker, strength coach and sports nutrition lead for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team. He has worked with athletes and others trying to improve their health for over a decade. He is also an ancestral lifestyle expert and the author of The Paleo Project: The 21st Century Guide to Looking Leaner, Getting Stronger and Living Longer.

Key Takeaways:

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[3:04] What is ancestral medicine, and how did Dr. Bubbs find it?

[9:18] How can busy people stick to an ancestral lifestyle?

[12:28] Dr. Bubbs will be publishing a series of articles about secrets to longevity.

[15:36] Focus on overall health, rather than body composition.

[16:34] Identify your biggest roadblocks to vibrant health, and target them in order to make the most progress.

[17:30] Start small and be open to change.

[18:46] Dr. Bubbs recommends intermittent fasting.

[21:13] How do you know if you are in ketosis?

[23:06] Men and women have different nutritional needs.

[25:42] Stress is a big problem for people today.

[28:13] Having lab work done can be very helpful.

[31:05] What does Dr. Bubbs think about supplements?

[34:04] Monitor your health and seek help when something isn’t right.

[35:07] Take this month’s quiz about stress and adrenal fatigue.

[35:28] What is Dr. Bubbs’s morning routine?

[36:05] Dr. Bubbs goes to bed early.

[36:16] Dr. Bubbs has several hot beverages of choice.

[36:34] Dr. Bubbs loves spending time with his kids.

[36:59] Entrepreneurship may come naturally or may be learned.

[37:38] Dr. Bubbs would love a personal chef.

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“If we didn’t have cholesterol, we wouldn’t survive.”

“Eat real food.”

“Chronic, low-grade stress is a fundamental part of disrupting the whole system.”

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Dr. Marc Bubbs is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Speaker, Sports Nutrition Lead for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team and Strength Coach. He has been working with athletes, active people and those striving to improve their health for over a decade and is passionate that diet, exercise and lifestyle are the MOST powerful tools for improving your overall health, body composition and performance. He is the author of The Paleo Project: The 21st Century Guide to Looking Leaner, Getting Stronger, and Living Longer , a regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, PaleoDiet.com and Healthier Talks, as well as the nutrition advisory board member for Strong Magazine. Dr. Bubbs regularly presents at health, fitness and medical conferences across North America and Europe, consults with NBA, NHL and MLB teams, and sees patients out of the Sport Medicine Clinic at the Toronto Athletic Club in downtown Toronto.

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