Christine Russell talks to us about her life at the helm of her successful yoga studio, beautiful family and killer morning routine. #love

In this podcast we sit down with mother, teacher and visionary entrepreneur, Christine Russell. Christine is the co-founder and owner of the Toronto-based yoga studio 889 Yoga. She is an entrepreneur who believes in miracles and the limitless possibilities that arise from a well-planned journey inward. Today she shares her thoughts on mindfulness, essential oils, entrepreneurship, and, most especially, gives us a look into her epic and beautiful morning routine.

Key Takeaways:

[2:23] We have everything we need.

[3:52] How did Christine’s love of yoga lead her to entrepreneurship?

[5:37] Christine’s parents have influenced her entrepreneurial spirit.

[8:39] How does Christine stay grounded and calm while running her business?

[13:12] The term “mindfulness” comes with a lot of cultural baggage, so how can we encourage others to be mindful?

[21:05] What are Christine’s favorite wellness hacks?

[25:34] Dr. Meghan recommends THIS for meditation.

[26:56] Christine recommends essential oils for a quick shift in energy.

[33:51] Christine says every home needs a space for sacred practice and stillness.

[37:01] Keep toxins out of your home.

[38:49] What is Christine’s morning routine?

[41:15] Christine loves Chaga mixed with organic coffee.

[42:08] Christine is an outdoor enthusiast, and also loves to dance.

[42:30] Are we born as entrepreneurs.

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“You realize that you can have everything, when you realize that you are everything.”

“I really, truly, live our brand.”

“The more I am in alignment … The more ease surrounds me.”

“The stress of running a business is absolutely inevitable.”

“Small actions move people toward where they want to go.”

More About Christine Russell

Christine Russell is a mother to two girls, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a visionary. She believes in miracles and the limitless possibilities arising from the journey inward. In 2007 she co-founded 889 with her sister Emily – a studio Toronto with the mission to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives. 889 is host to nearly 100 yoga, pilates and meditation classes weekly, a teacher training program, The 889 Shop curated for your mindful lifestyle, and a beautiful community of radiant people. Christine is a kind and loving teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils, teaching to those ready to up-level and elevate the way they think and feel and live in the world. Christine graduated from the 889 Living Yoga School, The Richard Ivey School of Business, and from the MIT EO Entrepreneurship Program. Mama Earth is her favourite playground with her girls and husband. It is Christine’s personal mission to ignite your inner light and brighten those around you.

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