How do you earn respect?

We often hide behind credentials, but genuine respect is earned by those bold enough to solve problems, lead with intention, and communicate effectively.

On this episode of IMPACT, Meghan is joined by Sam Horn, an accomplished author of 9 award-winning books, an impactful speaker and expert in powerful language who has coached entrepreneurs all over the world. Sam believe one of the best ways we can disrupt the way we do business is to disrupt the way we communicate and together with Meghan, redefines what it means to be a “powerful leader.”

Respect is never demanded, it is earned. How you communicate outweighs what you are communicating. Every interaction either builds a relationship or undermines it. Proper communication can empower you and your audience.

Can you summarize your vision in 60 seconds? That’s how quickly you lose the attention of your audience! Sam teaches you how to get attention and hold it and how to harness your power through her leadership framework.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a master of intrigue about earning the respect you deserve and becoming a leader with impact!




[7:40] Who is Sam Horn?

[10:20] Infobesity into Intrigue 

[18:00] Earning respect

[21:00] Intentional vs accidental 

[24:00] Honoring the room

[25:35] Leadership framework 

[27:00] Create space for nuance 

[32:35] Resentment to rapport 

[36:40] Mastering the delivery 

[40:25] Powerful language and respect

[44:00] Ink it when you think it 

[46:45] Talking on Eggshells



Tongue Fu!

Talking On Eggshells 




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“Use the word imagine. The word imagine pulls people out of their preoccupation because they’re picturing your point! They’re not distracted, they’re seeing what you’re saying.” 

-Sam Horn


“We can either reflect what is happening or we can direct what is happening, and if we are paying attention to the nuance, and to what we do want, instead of what we don’t, we often can say something that will facilitate that.” 

-Sam Horn


“In the real world, there are times we are the messenger of bad news, and we can’t change the bad news. We can change the way we deliver the bad news, so at least people know that we care, instead of shrugging our shoulders, not my fault, don’t blame me, nothing I can do.” 

-Sam Horn


“Richard Branson said, time is the new money. And I think that time is a new trust and the clock starts ticking the second we stop talking. So if we hit the ground running, then people’s eyebrows go up and we have earned their respect because we’ve already delivered value.” 

-Sam Horn


“A huge part of leadership is about listening and reading the room.”

-Sam Horn


“The language we use is so important, as it can either create a sense of powerlessness or empowerment in ourselves and others.”

-Sam Horn


“The through line from power to powerful and the thing that enables the zipline from one to the other is work on or acknowledgement of your self-worth. And the deeper your self-worth goes, the easier it is to move towards places that make you powerful as opposed to hanging onto power.”

-Dr. Meghan Walker


“When we have a rising tide mentality, power is just defined as the ability to get things done. And if we want to get things done, then the more we enlist people and cooperate with them and make it a win for them, the more they will want to do this instead of they have to, or they’re being paid to or they’re being told to.”

-Sam Horn


“Our role and goal in life is to be a peacemaker and to see how we can use language and set an example so other people respond in kind.”

-Sam Horn