If you’re honest with yourself, have you ever had those days where you totally just want to quit? Where you want to sit on the couch instead of seeing your trainer, eat potato chips instead of the salad — or, most of all, desperately want to push pause on this entrepreneurial journey? I know I’ve wanted to do some of these things at certain times in my own journey… but, I didn’t know what to do about it. One of the things I’ve struggled with the most is knowing when to actually call it quits. 

My guest today, Lynn Marie Morski, says that quitting is — in fact — her superpower. She is a medical doctor, a lawyer, and many other things — but most excitingly, she is spreading her message to the world about when you need to say it’s over for things that are no longer serving you. Her book and business, Quitting by Design, is all about the art of quitting — when you should quit, quitting as a tool to carve out a successful life, finding your ‘why,’ and forming new, healthy habits. 

What we’re going to get into today is when it’s actually the right time to call it quits! All of us, at some point, have felt this before — and I’m really excited today to jump into this universal topic with Lynn Marie Morski! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:26] About today’s episode with Lynn Marie Morski. 

[2:57] Welcoming Lynn Marie to the podcast! 

[3:20] Lynn Marie explains how she got to this place in her career. 

[5:05] The most powerful, impactful thing Lynn Marie has ever quit. 

[6:48] Why are we so scared of quitting? Why does quitting have such a bad rap? 

[9:27] Transitioning to the champion mindset through quitting. 

[10:55] How to know when it’s time to call it quits. 

[14:00] Marie’s steps for calling it quits. 

[16:13] How to mitigate some of your fears around quitting. 

[20:06] How Canada has your back with quitting! 

[20:58] Understanding the emotion behind your limiting beliefs with regards to quitting. 

[22:25] Lynn Marie shines a light on the sunk cost fallacy of quitting. 

[30:14] On the opposite end of quitting: people who can’t commit. Marie highlights the differences between a fear of commitment vs. the ability to quit strategically. 

[33:34] What’s a “mini quit?” 

[39:04] Lynn Marie’s key performance indicators! 

[45:19] Where to find Lynn Marie online. 

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 More About Lynn Marie Morski 

Lynn Marie Morski, M.D., Esq. is a physician, attorney, speaker, author, and a lifelong quitter. 

 As the Founder of Quitting By Design, Lynn Marie is on a mission to help people carve out a successful life through strategic quitting. Since her first big quit at the age of 21, Lynn Marie discovered the power of quitting to inform your life’s true purpose and path. 

Her new book, Quitting by Design, teaches readers how to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges associated with major life changes. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Company: LynnMarieMorski.com 

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/Lynn-Marie-Morski 

Twitter: Twitter.com/LMorski 


Instagram: Instagram.com/LynnMarieMorski 

Podcast: ITunes.Apple.com/us/podcast/Quit-Happens 

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Lynn Marie and I challenge you to follow her steps in calling it quits for at least one thing in your life that is causing you unnecessary stress. First, pinpoint what is causing you stress by doing a “mini quit” of the suspected culprit; then, overcome any fears surrounding quitting it; prepare logistics for the quit; and then lastly, figure out how to make the quit in the way that burns the fewest bridges. 

We wish you luck with your quitting! Let us know how it goes on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page! 



“Those who are the serial quitters, stop and reevaluate why you quit. Was it because the voice in your head told you to quit? … If it was … maybe it’s a commitment issue.” — Lynn Marie Morski 


“If you’re afraid of quitting, try to pinpoint which of [your] fears is the one stopping you because there are ways that I can logic you through all of those!” — Lynn Marie Morski 


“Do not feel guilty about having changed your mind and wanting to do a different thing. Because the person who made that decision is not the person you are now; the person you are now has more knowledge and … a whole different set of values and beliefs.”  

— Lynn Marie Morski 


“ A lot of our fear comes from being afraid of the unknown. And there are a lot of unknowns in quitting.” 


“If you’re not quitting, you’re not evolving.” — Lynn Marie Morski 


“Giving up and fear of commitment are the exact same.” — Lynn Marie Morski