About Me

Hi, I’m Meghan!

I am an Entrepologist (On-tre-polo-gist) and recovering Naturopathic Doctor, obsessed with the intersection between health, high performance and entrepreneurship. 

I work with Clinician Entrepreneurs and business owners in the health and wellness space to create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. 

I host my podcast, raise my family , create programs and build businesses that align with my purpose and core belief – that when people have their health, they can change the world. 

I am here to lend innovative thinking, disruptive approaches and unwavering support to those who are on a mission to leave the world better than they found it. 

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Founded and sold my first business by 21
  • Practiced for 12 years as a Naturopathic Doctor 
  • Built multiple 7-figure businesses
  • Mother to 3 beautiful girls
  • Chief Cheerleader of Clinician Business Labs
  • Host of the IMPACT with Meghan Walker Podcast
  • CEO and Co-Founder Health Hives
  • Host and Founder Impact LIVEs