We all know what we’re supposed to be doing with respect to lifestyle habits, but the reality is that most of us don’t stick with it. My guest today, Dr. Kristy Lewis, is a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor as well as a colleague of mine that I’ve grown to love and admire for many, many years now!

Dr. Kristy Lewis’ secret sauce is in her practice and her approach to women’s health. In particular, it is through helping people appropriately sequence the lifestyle elements and habits that we need to have in place to uplevel our life and help us understand why we just don’t do it. It’s all well and good for us to share all the things you should be doing but if you don’t have a framework to actually make these habits stick, they aren’t necessarily going to move your life forward.

My interview today with Dr. Kristy Lewis was fun, insightful, and tremendously practical.  We talk about how we start to stack and strategically implement lifestyle medicine, why willpower is BS, how we can actually stay on the track of ongoing improvement vs. falling back into our old ways, and the hidden choices we’re making throughout our day with respect to our health that have the capacity to make a massive impact. This episode is jam-packed with some incredibly valuable information so I hope you’ll all tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[1:41] About today’s episode with my fabulous guest, Dr. Kristy Lewis!

[2:37] Welcoming my friend Dr. Kristy Lewis to the podcast.

[3:15] Dr. Lewis gives us a background on who she is and what led her to do the work that she does now.

[5:42] How do we actually stay on the track of ongoing improvement vs. falling back into our old ways?

[8:50] Why willpower is BS!

[9:25] Kristy speaks on empowerment and the power of choice.

[15:01] The hidden choices we’re making throughout our day with respect to our health that have the capacity to make a massive impact.

[24:18] Where and how we can make the biggest impact on our health.

[27:07] Kristy highlights some more of the important hidden choices throughout our day that have a huge impact on our health!

[31:20] Kristy’s six key lifestyle habits.

[35:44] Kristy’s philosophy on supplements adjacent to these lifestyle habits.

[39:12] Kristy gives her three key action steps for listeners as they begin to hone in on their healthy lifestyle habits.

[42:04] Our challenge to you!

[44:25] Dr. Kristy Lewis’s KPIs.

[52:33] Where to learn more about what Dr. Kristy Lewis is up to.

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More About Kristy Lewis

Kristy Lewis has spent most of her life passionately learning, experiencing and sharing everything to do with health and wellness and believe her when she says she has lived every step of this journey!

She has run marathons, hiked mountains, become a yogi, spent weeks in silent meditation. She has suffered from chronic pain, burn-out, and anxiety. She has been vegan, paleo, and a raw foodist; she has restricted food, and she has binged food. She has gone to retreats and she has led retreats. She has been divorced, left a successful business career, studied to become a Naturopathic doctor, traveled, found the love of her life, and had a beautiful daughter.

Through this all, she has come to understand the concept of balance and how to prioritize her health goals depending on her internal and external experiences. She believes that the simple things are the most important things when it comes to caring for your body. She loves her journey because it was her own and she has much to share with anyone willing to listen.

She wants to understand you, your current health challenges, the obstacles that are getting in your way and the direction that you want to take your life. She will listen to you and learn about your own unique and authentic life. She will make the connection between your current state of health and your heart goals and from this knowledge map out your best health plan.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: DrKristyLewis.ca

Social Media: Instagram @Dr.KristylewisND, Twitter @DrKristyLewisND, and Facebook

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Our challenge to you is to begin implementing Dr. Kristy Lewis’ three key action steps! 1) Transition. Access your breath and bring in mindfulness. 2) Balance your blood sugar. 3) Sleep. Move your body from yang to yin by having a warm bath, practice mindfulness, or relax in your own way. If you need a more detailed reminder, tune back into the podcast at 39:12. And be sure to follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable!


“Choices influence choices!” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“It’s not about having to have the perfect diet or the perfect exercise program. … There’s so much more to this.” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“The amazing thing about the breath is that four breaths of an inhale and an exhale … put us back into a parasympathetic state. … As much as this sounds very basic, it’s actually huge.” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“You’re not going to go to bed at 10 o’clock and do 6 minutes of deep breathing with your lavender essential oils if your body is in fight-or-flight and you’ve fed that all day long right up till a bowl of ice cream before bed!” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“We’re breathing anyway, so why not slow it down a few times through the day?” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t have 20 seconds to breathe! If you’re not breathing and you’re negating Dr. Kristy Lewis’ advice … you are missing out on the opportunity to be a high-performer!” — Meghan Walker

“In my opinion, self-care is really the small things we do every day that allow us to access this relaxation.” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND

“Less is so often more!” — Dr. Kristy Lewis ND