My guest today is a dear friend of mine who has built an incredible business — Cassie Bjork! Cassie started her career as a registered dietician and worked diligently to get herself out of a 1:1 model and find a way to be able to scale her message with the world. Now, she has built a massive coaching business and serves hundreds of clients! 

Cassie has some incredible insights for building up your own business — and not just in regards to the tactic and strategy pieces, but also in the role mindset plays. In this episode, Cassie highlights many of the key steps she has taken early on in her business that have helped her to majorly scale her business, get more clients, and up level. 

Today’s interview was truly one of my favorites. Cassie is filled with brilliant insight and it is truly my honor to introduce you all to her! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:51] About today’s guest, Cassie Bjork! 

[1:51] Welcoming Cassie to the show! 

[2:54] Cassie tells us her story from how she went from a registered dietician to running a massive coaching business! 

[5:13] Is ‘taking action’ inherent to Cassie or did it come with practice and time? How does she recommend others take action and get past feeling ‘stuck?’ 

[11:24] How does Cassie tap into her confidence in order to try something new? And why is confidence crucially important for building your business? 

[13:35] Cassie outlines the exact steps she took early on to begin building and scaling her business to be able to help more people! 

[19:55] Did Cassie ever get stuck with wanting to take on all her clients? How did she overcome this and become more willing to pass clients on to the other dieticians within her business? 

[23:39] The importance of setting yourself up so you’re working hard on the right things. 

[26:07] About the upcoming Impact LIVEs Event! 

[26:54] Cassie shares the ecosystem of offerings that are available through her business right now! 

[30:40] The mind shift required to find a solution and up level. 

[32:39] How does Cassie’s vision for helping others integrate with her philosophy around money and finances? And how does reconcile those two pieces? 

[39:40] How and where transformation actually happens. 

[42:39] Cassie speaks about being one of our featured keynote presenters at our Impact LIVEs Event! 

[44:58] More about our Impact LIVEs Event! 

[46:33] Cassie’s KPIs! 

[52:07] Where to find Cassie online and learn more about what she’s up to! 

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The Truth: An Eye-Opening Odyssey Through Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Extraordinary Relationships, by Neil Strauss 

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, by Neil Strauss 

More About Cassie Bjork 

Cassie Bjork is a globally recognized industry leader in weight loss, a highly sought-after speaker, a business coach for health coaches and dietitians, and the #1 International Best Selling Author of Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss. 

For more than a decade, she has helped tens of thousands of people achieve the bodies they want — not by starving or skimping — and helps other health coaches and dietitians build and scale businesses so they can do the same. 

Cassie speaks widely and contributes a regular column, “Real Talk with Cassie” in Paleo Magazine. Virtually every major media outlet — including CBS, ABC, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, SELF, SHAPE, Women’s Health, and HuffPost — has covered Cassie’s debunking of dieting lies as she shares the truth about food, weight loss, and overall health. 

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As Cassie Bjork says, “If you’re not confident in what you have to offer, well, they’re not going to be either! So no matter what it is, you just have to own it and be excited about it!” And one of the best ways to build up your confidence is incredibly simple! Every single morning, Cassie recommends reading three affirmations and coming back to them throughout the day. Saying these positive affirmations to yourself during your day will help build confidence, give you courage, and help you manifest the reality of your dreams! Make sure to follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page and let us know if you’ll be trying out Cassie’s confidence practice for yourself! 


“Being able to build and scale a company in a way that doesn’t kill you in the process, especially when we’re in the health industris important to learn.” — Cassie Bjork 

“I always tell health coaches that you don’t need to know everything, you just have to know more than the person that you’re coaching. ” — Cassie Bjork 

“If you’re not confident in what you have to offer, well, they’re not going to be eitherSo no matter what it is, you just have to own it and be excited about it!” — Cassie Bjork 

“It’s better to have it done imperfectly than not done at all. And if we want to make a difference in this world, we have to get stuff done. We can’t let our perfectionism block us.” — Cassie Bjork 

“So many times we get stuck working in our business … and doing our daily tasks that we don’t work on the business — and that’s just as important if you want to keep the needle moving forward!” — Cassie Bjork 

“My mission is to bring freedom to women — and not just when it comes to health and weight, but also for people like us who are just struggling, hitting burnout, and they’re not reaching the amount of people they could reach.” — Cassie Bjork