We do things differently. We do things differently because you, the people we serve expect something more… and you should. We work with people who are living a life of purpose, people who understand that when they have their health, they have everything.

Access to our practice and our resources are available to everyone we serve through two types of membership; our Practice and our Legacy memberships. All patients are automatically eligible for our Practice Membership and those wishing, or brave enough to take things to the next level, are encouraged to join us with our Legacy Membership.



A few years ago I started to throw around a term called ‘health legacy.’ It came to me as I observed how people responded to the lifestyle decisions made by those in a position of leadership.

When parents choose to exercise and eat well, children copy. When bosses make time for lunch or stand-up from their desk, that value becomes part of the workplace. Our power to positively influence those around us is unlimited.

The Legacy Membership provides top performers and those in a position of influence, with the opportunity to live their values in a sustainable way. Members have access to strategic pricing within our practice, exclusive events and discounts from supportive partners.

As someone with 3 kids, I am committed to not only providing myself, but also my family, with access to all of the supporting elements that enable us to engage in a healthy life. And jeez, that commitment can often be costly.

With this membership we aim to:

  • Provide customized support and increased practitioner access to our patients
  • Provide discounts on the resources and services that support the healthy lifestyle choices of insightful people such as yourself

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Sustaining your health means that you are committed to follow-through and investing in your life. Over time, the investment can become a challenge, both financially and motivationally. As a regulated practitioner, I am unfortunately not allowed to offer discounts or bundled packages to existing patients. None-the-less, I am deeply committed to finding ways to reduce the cost of maintenance and increase your access to lifestyle support.

The Legacy Membership provides the following:

  • 10 minute, monthly accountability calls with a member of our clinical nutrition and coaching team.
  • Discounts from local healthy living companies such as (Impact Kitchen, Elixar Juice, Broya Bone broth, Graydon cosmetics and more…)
  • Exclusive events

Take your health to the next for $22 per month or $246 per year.

The Legacy Membership is for people who understand that the SECRET to living with purpose and abundance in a sustainable way is by optimizing the health your brain, body and spirit. 

This membership is NOT for dabblers, it is for people who that their most prized possession is their health.

This membership is for people looking for better health and performance even, and especially, when no one is looking.

This membership is for those looking to leave a LEGACY.

Ready? Respect.

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All of the patients/clients/VIPs we work with clinically are eligible for our Practice Membership. This FREE membership provides backend access to our membership platform, exclusive offers and online tools. To be eligible for the Practice Membership, you must first be a patient.

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