People and Places that will change your life, health and perspective on the planet

My People

Performance Coach Susan L. Hobson – Susan is a gem. She is a perfect balance between compassion and accountability. Susan and I share a physical office and a philosophical alignment that makes our respective approaches both congruent and extraordinarily effective. Susan works with motivated professionals who know what they want but need the push and challenge of coach. Susan’s science based coaching process successfully drives your health, wealth, self, business and relationships to the next level through the development and implementation of key performance-enhancing skills, strategies, tools and habits.

Foodie Friendly Nutritional Resources

The Naked Label – You are what you eat! Scared? The naked label peels apart your beliefs about food one product at a time. This is an amazing resource for all things nutrition. Check them out.

Nourishing Meals – Sorry, I have to stop eating what? That’s right, there is flavour, soul and texture to cooking without wheat and dairy. There are lots of places to find it on the internet, but this is one of my absolute favorites. Dig in.

Oh She Glows – I am neither “raw” nor “vegan” yet, I can’t get enough of Angela Liddon’s site. Angela has built a fabulous online community and epic database of uber healthy, amazingly delicious vegan recipes. Don’t be scared, this site will change your life.

Organic Food Delivery – Who has time to grocery shop? I rarely do. Organic Food Delivery is a GTA-based company that delivers, fresh, organic produce and groceries to your front door. Seriously, could organic eating get any easier than this?

Environmental Crusaders

Adria Vasil

Adria Vasil is the Ecoholic columnist in NOW and the Author of Ecoholic, Ecoholic Home and Ecoholic Body. Her books, column and blog are immensely helpful to navigating our planet and our capacity to keeping it and ourselves healthy.

David Suzuki & Foundation

Homegrown and top of his game, David Suzuki and his foundation should not be new to anyone reading this blog. Helpful tips, important news and actionable steps to keeping our planet green are all found on his site.

Environmental Defence

Environmental Defence connects people to the environment by making environmental issues relevant to people’s daily lives. Their activism and information strikes just the right balance. Check out their Canadian-centric body-care guide as an example of their great work.


The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, also known as CAPE is an organization of physicians dedicated to promoting environmental protection and treating those affected by environmental influences. They do important work in an emerging field and deserve a great big green round of applause.

Sandra Steingraber – Sandra Steingraber is a personal hero. Her work, message and capacity to turn complex science into poetic prose is inspirational. You simply have to check her out.

Green Resources

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group is an American site with oodles of important content for Canadians. It is a ‘go-to’ site for evidenced based, consumer accessible information about anything from organic foods to safe cosmetics. Bookmark this one for sure.

The Green Guide

Practical tips on all things Green and Eco-friendly. Simple, straight-forward and easy to read.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a comprehensive database of personal care products that include information relevant to North Americans as a whole. Understand the chemicals in your body products and do something about it.

Just Beautiful Guide

Environmental Defense has produced a Canadian version of the EWG’s Skindeep guide. Check out their up to date information in a Canadian-centric tone.

Body & Earth-Friendly Products and Companies


I love love love their raw lip balm. My 18-month old daughter loves (to eat) lip balm too. My rule of thumb is that if you aren’t willing to feed it to your kids, you shouldn’t be putting it on your body.

Coola Suncare

Finding a healthy sunscreen that doesn’t run rampant through your bloodstream is actually quite a challenge. This is especially difficult when most natural alternatives leave your pastier than a ghost. Coola was rated number 1 by EWG’s suncare guide and goes on like a glove. No messy residue, no streaky white lines. Finally.

DIY Cleaning Products

This is not exactly a Green Product, but rather, a comprehensive, do-it yourself cleaning product recipe book. I am always asked what green cleaning products I use around my house – well here you go. And don’t even think about writing in to tell me these don’t work, I ran a cleaning company for 4 years and have very high cleaning standards. These little tricks will cover you and your home for 95% of household disasters.

Mint & Berry

Online eco-shopping made easy. A full-service, personal care product, online SUPERmarket! Mint & Berry carry a variety of products with strict health and environmental standards. (P.S They will ship to Canada… yippee)