15 Healthy Snack Ideas

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Our habits define our health. What we repeatedly do and the choices we make day after day build the foundation upon which the state of our health rests. After reviewing…

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A Guide to a "Healthier" Happy Hour

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Let's be real.You're probably going to enjoy a few cocktails from time to time (until the next morning) and that's fine and dandy, if it's right for you.  Now…

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Chococolate Orange Holiday Bark

Brain, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Recipe

The Holiday season is synonymous with over-indulgence and diet derailing treats, dinners and desserts. But who says that your 'treats' can't be just as health promoting…

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The Most Annoying Food Trend of 2016

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With articles popping up all over the place with fear mongering headlines like “Don’t eat this” , “These 10 Will Give You Cancer", “Just Kidding, a New…

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Brain Boosting Salad Nicoise

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When we eat unhealthy foods, we know exactly what types of gastrointestinal symptoms to expect. The gas, bloating, cramps and other bathroom woes come as no surprise…

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