A Mighty Little Urine Test

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Much like you could examine the exhaust of a car to study and understand the efficiency of your engine’s functionality, Organic Acid testing enables us to look…

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Congratulations, You Earned a D

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We visit our medical doctors looking for three comforting words, YOU ARE FINE. Our whole lives we have been trained by our system that the standard for good health…

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Digestive Health Testing – In Office

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Probiotics. They are an official health buzzword. For many people, they are the ONE supplement that has been tried to help with gas and bloating. From there, the…

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4 Common Misconceptions About IBS

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With approximately 120,000 new cases diagnosed in Canada every year, Irritable Bowel Syndrome has become the most common diagnosis handed out by Gastroenterologists.…

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10 Sleep Hacks you need to know

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Sleep is a big topic. For those who do it poorly, there is a critical awareness of the frustration and stress that can be caused by a bought of insomnia. In stark…

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