Willpower Doesn't Work

Concepts, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Kids, Mindfullness, Prevention, Priorities, Self Actualization

November 1st is the most dangerous day of the year. The days are getting colder, the light is not as long and cupboards are full of unclaimed Halloween candy. And…

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Protect yourself from the Flu

Environmental Health, Health Matters, Immune Health, Kids, Prevention, Priorities

So I was really hoping to kick the year off with something incredibly motivational, but instead, I want to send along something more pressing, a flu protection…

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Could understanding your genes save your life?

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Focus, Heart Health, Immune Health, Kids, Mindfullness

On Tuesday I experienced one of the most profound medical appointments I have ever sat through. It was not with a fellow ND or MD, but it could easily have been.…

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Back 2 School... for Adults

Concepts, Health Matters, Kids, Prevention

I don’t think it will ever go away. There is an emotional stirring that happens for me at the end of August that is the perfect combination of summer grief and…

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Practice Safe Sun

Concepts, Environmental Health, Health Matters, Kids, Prevention

  The year I graduated from high school there was a popular song on the radio, Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen. It was a feel good poem that espoused Pinterest…

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My Dad Taught Me that Money is a Key to Good Health

Concepts, Health Matters, Kids, Self Actualization

  I live and breathe health and wellness. In my practice and in my role at Bright Almond I am driven by the core belief that when people are well, they can…

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March Break Chocolate Cake

Food, Kids

I would have taken a picture of my own cake, but I ate it before I could capture it's beauty. I'll make another one this week... just for the sake of adding a photo.…

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Kids these days have iPads & Hypertension

Concepts, Health Matters, Heart Health, Kids, Prevention

As published earlier this week in the Huffington Post While scavenging the refrigerator on Family-Day for a healthy lunch for our 18 month-old daughter, my husband…

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Prepare for the Second Wave. Flu Prevention 101

Concepts, Food, Health Matters, Kids, Prevention

Here is where we left off last week. The reverence we place upon the flu vaccine as a public health maven is adding to its social stigma and deep capacity for cultural…

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Day 5: Where Grass is Greener (10 Days 10 Habits)

Food, Health Matters, Kids, Self Actualization

You know those people; they have 6 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a busy job, perfect skin, abundant energy and somehow find the time to get up and run each morning at 5am.…

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Buzz Off Chemical Bug Repellant

Environmental Health, Health Matters, Kids

A recent weekend outside of the city has left me victimized by the wrath of Ontario’s infamous mosquitoes. As I sit here trying to work, I am unable to think…

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