Immune Health

Bone Broth: Miracle Food or Flaky Food Trend?

Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Immune Health

I’m not one to get all jazzed up about food trends, but if consuming an incredibly healing & nourishing food that has been used for centuries in various cultures…

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A Mighty Little Urine Test

Brain, Chronic Disease, Entrepreneurial Health, Health Matters, Heart Health, Hormones, Immune Health, Mental Health, Microbiome, Prevention

Much like you could examine the exhaust of a car to study and understand the efficiency of your engine’s functionality, Organic Acid testing enables us to look…

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Congratulations, You Earned a D

Brain, Chronic Disease, Concepts, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Health Matters, Hormones, Immune Health, Mental Health, Microbiome, Prevention, Priorities

We visit our medical doctors looking for three comforting words, YOU ARE FINE. Our whole lives we have been trained by our system that the standard for good health…

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Digestive Health Testing – In Office

Chronic Disease, Health Matters, Immune Health, Mental Health, Microbiome, Prevention

Probiotics. They are an official health buzzword. For many people, they are the ONE supplement that has been tried to help with gas and bloating. From there, the…

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How to Make Awesome Smoothies- The 5 Must Have Ingredients

Brain, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Immune Health

My name is Heather Allen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and a terrible smoothie maker. I always feel like a big time failure when I confess that to people. It…

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Protect yourself from the Flu

Environmental Health, Health Matters, Immune Health, Kids, Prevention, Priorities

So I was really hoping to kick the year off with something incredibly motivational, but instead, I want to send along something more pressing, a flu protection…

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Could understanding your genes save your life?

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Focus, Heart Health, Immune Health, Kids, Mindfullness

On Tuesday I experienced one of the most profound medical appointments I have ever sat through. It was not with a fellow ND or MD, but it could easily have been.…

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It's October now, you should be doing this!

Chronic Disease, Diet, Hormones, Immune Health, Mindfullness, Movement

I am hoping that the drop in temperature on the first day of October is just a coincidence. Until now, the sky, trees and temperatures have been making up for Mother’s…

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