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A Guide to Cooking Oils: The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Nasty

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Fats and oils have gotten a bad rap over the years. But thankfully the world is finally coming back to their senses about this important macronutrient. Fats play…

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A Mighty Little Urine Test

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Much like you could examine the exhaust of a car to study and understand the efficiency of your engine’s functionality, Organic Acid testing enables us to look…

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Butter in Your Coffee

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About a year ago a patient told me she was putting butter in her coffee every morning. My jaw dropped. I thought that was the worst idea I had ever heard. Fast-forward…

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Why Warren Buffet Is Wrong

Brain, Chronic Disease, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Heart Health, Prevention

Don’t listen to Warren Buffet. Well, maybe consider his wealth management strategies, but please, for the love of your long-term health, ignore anything this…

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Could understanding your genes save your life?

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Focus, Heart Health, Immune Health, Kids, Mindfullness

On Tuesday I experienced one of the most profound medical appointments I have ever sat through. It was not with a fellow ND or MD, but it could easily have been.…

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Kids these days have iPads & Hypertension

Concepts, Health Matters, Heart Health, Kids, Prevention

As published earlier this week in the Huffington Post While scavenging the refrigerator on Family-Day for a healthy lunch for our 18 month-old daughter, my husband…

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Make V-Day about your Heart, your Real Heart

Concepts, Food, Health Matters, Heart Health

The essence of Valentine’s Day is not about cards, candy and flowers. It is about getting in touch with the people that we love and value. As with most of our…

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