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We are constantly learning amazing things about the world we live in and as we wrap up another trip around the sun, we took a moment to sit back and reflect on…

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A Guide to a "Healthier" Happy Hour

Concepts, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Recipe

Let's be real.You're probably going to enjoy a few cocktails from time to time (until the next morning) and that's fine and dandy, if it's right for you.  Now…

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Willpower Doesn't Work

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November 1st is the most dangerous day of the year. The days are getting colder, the light is not as long and cupboards are full of unclaimed Halloween candy. And…

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The Most Annoying Food Trend of 2016

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With articles popping up all over the place with fear mongering headlines like “Don’t eat this” , “These 10 Will Give You Cancer", “Just Kidding, a New…

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Congratulations, You Earned a D

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We visit our medical doctors looking for three comforting words, YOU ARE FINE. Our whole lives we have been trained by our system that the standard for good health…

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Butter in Your Coffee

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About a year ago a patient told me she was putting butter in her coffee every morning. My jaw dropped. I thought that was the worst idea I had ever heard. Fast-forward…

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How to Stay Healthy When You Live With a Junk Food Junkie

Concepts, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Priorities

My name is Heather Allen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I live with a junk food junkie. Before my man and I shacked up, the phonebook was his cookbook, delivery…

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Anxious? Ask Santa for some video games

Brain, Concepts, Entrepreneurial Health, Focus, Health Matters, Mental Health

Julie (not her real name) is mother of 2, community volunteer and a passionate supporter of local food initiatives. She recently came to see me because she was…

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The secret to getting it all done... with 3 kids under 5

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I am back. After a much needed mini mat-leave, I am back in the office and ready for action. Life is busy and we are taking it day by day. If there is one thing…

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The Lab Tests You Should Be Asking For...

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Entrepreneurial Health, Environmental Health, Health Matters, Prevention, Priorities

Lab testing has long been the domain of our doctors. They decide what boxes to check, they review the results and they decide whether action needs to be taken.…

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3 Simple Hacks to Keep You Hydrated

Brain, Concepts, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Prevention

If you were to ask me what the one thing is that you could start doing today to improve your overall health, it would be to drink more water. No magic pill, potion…

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Could understanding your genes save your life?

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Focus, Heart Health, Immune Health, Kids, Mindfullness

On Tuesday I experienced one of the most profound medical appointments I have ever sat through. It was not with a fellow ND or MD, but it could easily have been.…

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