It’s October now, you should be doing this!

I am hoping that the drop in temperature on the first day of October is just a coincidence. Until now, the sky, trees and temperatures have been making up for Mother’s Nature’s lackluster performance this summer.  Despite my optimism however, I know that cooler days are just around the corner. The change in temperature means that routines and physical requirements change as well. In many cultures, the change of season marks an important transition of the body from a warmer to cooler state. Foods correspondingly become warmer and the body begins to thrive with heartier offerings. It is interesting to observe that this time of year frequently correlates with an increased number of bookings from my vegan and raw clients. Uncooked foods are considered “cool” foods according to some healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the digestive system tends to thrive when your food does not compound external conditions. With an increase in patient visits related to digestive health and back-to-work routines in full-swing, I thought I would use the transition to October, to point out some helpful changes that you may want to consider.

Change of Season Check-List

Include “warmer” foods. Cold, raw foods frequently cause increased bloating and discomfort this time of year. Soups, stews, stir-frys and steaming are great ways of warming vegetables prior to eating. (Microwaving is not an ideal option. There is increasing evidence that it destroys many of the important nutrients in your foods).

Start taking vitamin D3. Adults should be supplementing at least 1000i.u of liquid (or gelcap) vitamin D3 daily. You should be supplementing vitamin D from the time the leaves fall until they come out in the spring. You cannot get sufficient D3 from food or winter sunbathing. D3 is vitally important to support mood, immune health, bones and hormonal systems throughout your body.

Get some sleep. Not all the time, but in accordance with a good routine. The body thrives on routine. Set a series of pre-bed activities that you do every night. Even if you know you will be sleeping less or differently due to work or travel, keep your pre-bed routine the same. If you have trouble turning off your head, try (among other things) reading fiction before you go to sleep. Unless you are truly gifted at shutting off your head before bed, absolutely avoid ‘work’ related reading before you sleep.

Start on a multivitamin. There is much debate about whether you NEED a multivitamin. Studies that look at requirements for multivitamins are not looking a cold-dwelling Canadians and are not focused on markers of performance. I do not recommend a multi-vitamin to keep you from acquiring scurvy, your diet is more than capable of doing that. I am looking at the role that a high-potency multivitamin can play in optimizing your lifestyle performance. My interest in this respect is around providing you with an advantage when it comes to your physiology and performance related to mental focus, stress resilience and physical stamina. (More on this in the coming weeks).

For many, Fall is a time of renewed productivity, excitement and positive change. When you create a strong foundation, you can take on your world as a parent, creator, student and empire builder. Now go make it happen.

What do you add to your routine now that the days are getting cooler? I’d love to hear what you are up to. Share in the comment section below.