People want to know how to be healthier, not through supplementation, but through lifestyle choices, am I right?

There is a time and place to push one’s physiology in a certain direction, to stop a disease process or override inflammation, but once we have those things under control, it is nice to coast a little bit – to reinforce the positive changes we have made with lifestyle choices that support optimal health.

My goal for everyone I work with is to optimize their performance. We are striving towards a goal that has one waking refreshed, eating without pain and thinking with clarity. Achieving this state does not require endless supplements, it requires consistent work. This past weekend I spent Saturday afternoon in a Kombucha making class. It was amazing. For those of you not familiar, Kombucha it is fermented black or green tea. Fermented foods, produced with the assistance of bacteria and yeast, are incredible for helping to maintain the normal healthy state of one’s microbiome (good bacteria in their body). Examples of fermented food include tempeh, kimchi and sauerkraut. For those looking to reduce their probiotic budget, or support their investment, fermented foods are an excellent choice.

In the spirit of healthy lifestyle choices, aka, doing it without supplements, I wanted to invite you to two upcoming opportunities.

Fitbit Community.

As many of you know I have a mild obsession with technology. With wearable devices available at reasonable rates, there are ample opportunities to begin to make movement more fun and accountable. For those of you who may be thinking of or using a Fitbit to track your steps and exercise, I have started an online Fitbit community, to help hold us accountable to one another. This group is open to everyone and accessible through the Fitbit Dashboard. (So far I am walking the least of anyone in the group. I need to get a move-on.)

Join our Fitbit Community.

Upcoming Webinar

I will be hosting an upcoming Webinar on May 7th called Banishing Brain fog…. Forever. This webinar is completely FREE and will serve as a lead-up to my up-coming May Detox… called Clarity Cleanse. (More on this next week)

Brain Fog or lack of mental clarity is a significant challenge to managing life and performing at your highest capacity. Whether you are a new mom or a busy executive, your lifestyle choices are either helping or hampering your symptoms. This FREE webinar will focus on:

The top 5 foods that contribute to brain fog
The best nutrition for optimal brain functionality
Lifestyle hacks to optimize focus and energy
Strategic supplementation to optimize your creative genius

May 7th, 8pm EST

Count Me In. I totally want to banish brain fog

I look forward to hearing about your adventures with Kombucha, watching you start to move with your Fitbit and joining us on May 7th for the Banishing Brain fog webinar.