Do You Need to Quit Your Coffee Habit?

You’re not going to like what I have to say here, but I promise it’s because I think you’re great and want to make sure you to feel your best. Okay, here we go…

Your daily coffee habit may not be working for you. I know. It can be hard to even fathom the thought that your best friend java would be using its powers for evil after all the time you’ve spent together over the years. But sadly, it (could) be true.

It’s important to look at our habits as a foundation of how well we perform. It is the things we do on a daily basis that determine how we feel and what we are able to accomplish. Sometimes habits come sneaking in without us even knowing it and before you know it, we can’t imagine going a day without doing them. And this is when we need to take a step back and really look at how those habits are serving us. Are they using their powers for good or hindering out awesomeness?

The (Potential) Issue with Coffee

I love coffee. I love almost everything about it! I love the ritual, the smell, the taste and the social aspect of grabbing a cup of joe. What I don’t love is the scatter-brained, jittery stress case I often become after indulging in my favourite ritual. A side effect that is often just chalked off as “getting sh%$ done!”. But in reality, I accomplish about 5% of a 100 different tasks, rather than 100% of my 5 important tasks.

The problem with coffee is that it causes a spike in the stress hormone cortisol, putting you into fight-or-flight mode. Over time this can cause your adrenals (the glands responsible for the release of cortisol) to burn out from overuse. Adrenal burnout can cause a host of problems ranging from fatigue, increased body fat storage and metabolic issues.

So here’s the deal…

Everyone is different in how they respond to caffeine. I challenge you to frisk your daily java habit and be honest about whether or not it is contributing to you being your best, healthiest and most productive self OR are you being blinded by the deliciousness and ritualistic enjoyment that you are unable to see that it is cramping your style.

And if it does work for you, great! Take your relationship to the next level by optimizing its impacts for a more productive and rockstar you.


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You got this,