5 Smoothie Superfoods for a Better Brain

Brain, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Mental Health

Smoothies have become known for their role in for simplifying our breakfast routines and fuelling us post workouts. But with the right ingredients, these nutrient…

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Digestive Health Testing – In Office

Chronic Disease, Health Matters, Immune Health, Mental Health, Microbiome, Prevention

Probiotics. They are an official health buzzword. For many people, they are the ONE supplement that has been tried to help with gas and bloating. From there, the…

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Lyme Disease Warning

Chronic Disease, Environmental Health, Health Matters, Prevention

Last January we travelled to the Caribbean with my husband’s family. After much discussion and debate, we ended up in Barbados. The beaches were lovely, golf…

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How to Stay Healthy When You Live With a Junk Food Junkie

Concepts, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Priorities

My name is Heather Allen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I live with a junk food junkie. Before my man and I shacked up, the phonebook was his cookbook, delivery…

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How to Make Awesome Smoothies- The 5 Must Have Ingredients

Brain, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Immune Health

My name is Heather Allen. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and a terrible smoothie maker. I always feel like a big time failure when I confess that to people. It…

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5 Roles of Protein You May Not Know About

Brain, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Mental Health, Prevention

We often associate protein with beefy muscle-men who spend their days in the gym pumping iron, but protein is an essential component to our overall health for a…

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The secret to getting it all done... with 3 kids under 5

Biz Blog, Brain, Concepts, Entrepreneurial Health, Focus, Health Matters, Mental Health, Movement, Self Actualization

I am back. After a much needed mini mat-leave, I am back in the office and ready for action. Life is busy and we are taking it day by day. If there is one thing…

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5 Meal Planning Hacks for Your Busy Schedule

Brain, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Prevention

You're busy. I get it. You might even be too busy to read this, so I'll get straight to the point. Being unhealthy is one of the fastest ways to derail your productivity…

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Why Warren Buffet Is Wrong

Brain, Chronic Disease, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Food, Health Matters, Heart Health, Prevention

Don’t listen to Warren Buffet. Well, maybe consider his wealth management strategies, but please, for the love of your long-term health, ignore anything this…

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The Lab Tests You Should Be Asking For...

Chronic Disease, Concepts, Entrepreneurial Health, Environmental Health, Health Matters, Prevention, Priorities

Lab testing has long been the domain of our doctors. They decide what boxes to check, they review the results and they decide whether action needs to be taken.…

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3 Simple Hacks to Keep You Hydrated

Brain, Concepts, Diet, Food, Health Matters, Prevention

If you were to ask me what the one thing is that you could start doing today to improve your overall health, it would be to drink more water. No magic pill, potion…

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Health Without Supplements

Chronic Disease, Diet, Health Matters, Prevention

People want to know how to be healthier, not through supplementation, but through lifestyle choices, am I right? There is a time and place to push one’s physiology…

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Off chocolate? Try this.

Diet, Food, Health Matters

There is something incredibly cruel about a naturopathic doctor who removes chocolate from someones diet just before Easter. Who would do such a thing. Have no…

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Digital Detox

Chronic Disease, Focus, Health Matters, Mindfullness, Prevention

This cleanse is really the easiest thing I have ever done. I chose to do it while I was on vacation with my family, but it is equally amenable to a cooler, snowier…

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Protect yourself from the Flu

Environmental Health, Health Matters, Immune Health, Kids, Prevention, Priorities

So I was really hoping to kick the year off with something incredibly motivational, but instead, I want to send along something more pressing, a flu protection…

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7 health habits of the top 20%

Food, Health Matters, Prevention, Self Actualization

I have the deep privilege of getting to know people and their private lives in an intimate way and on a professional level. Over my years working in private practice…

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A personal manifesto...

Concepts, Health Matters, Self Actualization

While I was busy creating a 10-day plan for all of you, I had been negating some homework that had been handed to me. Part of my commitment to personal development…

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A New Year, a New You!

Concepts, Health Matters, Self Actualization

As the snow and slush pile up once again it is sometimes difficult to upload the motivation that had inspired our newly sculpted New Year's resolutions. Change,…

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Butter in Your Coffee

Brain, Concepts, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Focus, Food, Health Matters, Heart Health, Mental Health

About a year ago a patient told me she was putting butter in her coffee every morning. My jaw dropped. I thought that was the worst idea I had ever heard. Fast-forward…

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Anxious? Ask Santa for some video games

Brain, Concepts, Entrepreneurial Health, Focus, Health Matters, Mental Health

Julie (not her real name) is mother of 2, community volunteer and a passionate supporter of local food initiatives. She recently came to see me because she was…

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Brain Boosting Salad Nicoise

Brain, Diet, Entrepreneurial Health, Focus, Food, Health Matters, Mental Health, Prevention, Recipe

When we eat unhealthy foods, we know exactly what types of gastrointestinal symptoms to expect. The gas, bloating, cramps and other bathroom woes come as no surprise…

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4 Common Misconceptions About IBS

Chronic Disease, Diet, Health Matters, Microbiome

With approximately 120,000 new cases diagnosed in Canada every year, Irritable Bowel Syndrome has become the most common diagnosis handed out by Gastroenterologists.…

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